Alt 2 failed again

We signed a contract to dump the SR20 and buy a Columbia 350. The next day my partner decided he liked the SR20 too much to get rid of it so he cancelled the contract. Today he took to plane for his first solo. Told me how much he loved flying the plane. While he was flying he noticed a yellow ALT2 FAIL light was on. The original alternator was replaced during the 50 hour oil change. My partner said it is good that we are getting the bad parts replaced while it is still under warrenty. I didn’t even try to explain that when the same part is replaced 2 times in 80 hours the problem is probably more serious than the specific part.

of course, it might not be alt 2 at all. Could be any part of the alt 2 circuit that regulates over / under current indication, could be the mechanical drive train at the rear take-off, could be a bad connector or relay, etc. Could even be a shorted cell in bat 2. Don’t know 'til you diagnose it, right?

Don’t know 'til you diagnose it, right?

You are right, I am just asumming the worst. Except I can say it is not a shorted cell in BAT2. The plane only has one battery.

OOPS! Mea Culpa! My brain fart - I forgot '20s with dual alt still ony had 1 bat. (Having a “B” model '20 without the extra Alt, I keep assumed the dual alt system in '20s is just like the '22. I should have known / remembered better!