Airbus A320 Vs SR22

On a recent business trip to MN, the flight was delayed in Phoenix due to bad weather in MNÂ…Snow, Freezing Rain, yes, springtime in MN.

During the delay, I asked the first officer if I could see the cockpit of the brandy new Airbus A320. I thought he would ask security to have me shot, but instead he invited me in. (I felt like a kid!)

I asked if I could sit in the Captain’s chair and once again to my surprise he said yes! WOW!!
What an awesome feeling! He then showed me all the latest toysÂ…sorry, tools in the instrument panel. There was this 4" color display where you could program in the flight plan and have it display all the way points, and another similiar display that showed all the checklists plus system status. (HmmmÂ… mini Avidynes).

He stated that there wasn’t a control yoke but instead they use a side stick (what a concept!)

The cockpit felt like a big SR22 (without the 10.3"MFD). Cool!

Walt N224AZ