A trip around Greece

This wasn’t done in a Cirrus but hopefully it might make some of you Cirrus pilots think about flying around that beautiful country which - in your type of high performance and long range aircraft - is much more accessible to GA than most people in GA think :slight_smile:


And while I am here, here is a little one to Spain


Hi Peter,

nice to see you here. I am sure that many Cirrus pilots (and we have many others here too) are interested in this!

Peter - welcome to the dark side, thinking of upgrading the TB20 ? [;)]


“thinking of upgrading the TB20”

Not yet :slight_smile:

Having had quite a lot of difficult headwind situations this year, I would like an aircraft which does 200kt TAS but there isn’t anything “piston” out there which does that - except at impractically high oxygen levels and at a very high fuel burn.

The only realistic mission capability upgrade for me is a Jetprop, but that would not do the “lower level” stuff like this


and in any case all the pressurised aircraft have windows which make photography very difficult.