2003 SR 22 CHT anomalies Avidyne

I have a 2003 SR 22 and have been having issues with all my CHT jumping around then going all red back to normal etc… I have the Avidyne MFD and am looking for anyone who has had this same issue and may know of the fix.

Sounds like a grounding problem. Check the connection on the dog bone (ground plane) on the firewall.

I replaced the grounding wire any other suggestions

I had similar problems with # 5 & 6 CHT 12 months ago, SC tried all the usual things probes, grounding etc. Eventually replaced the DAU and all is perfect now.

I had two cylinders jumping around like that last summer On my 2003 also. It was corrected at the annual. I think there were just some bad connections from a little corrosion. I also had Alt. one and alt two lights coming on But steam gauges said it was fine. A new MCU was put in at that time also and all the problems have gone away.

Connectors on the probes is a common issue as well…

I have had the same problem on mine. I gave up and attribute it to avidyne slime.

sure miss the g1000 in the mooney i had. don’t miss the mooney just the garmin.

Connectors are a Cirrus issue. Avidyne can only display the data it receives.


And luckily it’s a problem that is not hard to fix.