Who do you like for annuals in the Mid Atlantic?

We’re looking for anyone who recommends a shop to do an annual (or 100 hour) in the Mid Atlantic. We are based outside of Washington, DC and looking for people’s experiences. Thanks!



For a Cirrus in particular, I would recommend Airways at Lancaster, PA. I just had a 100 hour/annual check by them and thought they did a good job.

Although for you, maybe Dulles would be better just because of the convenience. Though if I were you, I would still give Airways consideration based on their work quality.

Personally, I would recommend going to a cirrus center of some sort at least for the first couple years since (a) warranty repairs found during the annual are more easily taken care of and (b) the cirrus service centers see more cirri than most typical shops, so they’re more familiar with what to look for.

Just my $0.02. Let me know if you guys need a ride to or from Lancaster; I’d be happy to help!


Greetings from a voice from the past.

I also had some work done recently at AirWays/ Lancaster. Had vacuum pump replaced (first of these to fail, at 185 hours) and new landing light installed (second failure; first was at about 100 hours). They did the work while I waited – were friendly, fast, pleasant to deal with all around. They’re not the closest Cirrus site to where I live, but the experience was positive enough that I’ll go there next time.

One update: the director of service there is now Jim Mazzante, not the person listed on the Cirrus service-site list. jf