Warning! Posted by Radek – don’t open if you don’t like him!

“Warning! Posted by Radek – don’t open if you don’t like him!” I am just trying to save some of you all the excitement related to my person. Smile! Relax! And have some fun!

Would you try to land SR-22 on a 1800 feet wet grass and be a little fast? What do you think?
Of course you would have to http://home.earthlink.net/~flycirrus/cpnn/id19.html>…so for all those “Radek allergic” just a friendly warning :wink: all others… [ what do you think?


I noticed 116 views by the time I decided to post this message in support of Radek who in my opinion is honest, clear-spoken and knowledgeable about the Cirrus airplane. He has some interesting articles on his website that you should check out. There must be at least 116 people who like him. If they read his post first and obeyed the warning on the subject heading this would imply they like him.