useful load

Just reread an AOPA’Pilot magazine review of A Turbo Saratoga. Said Useful load with fuel fuel was two adults and 75 lbs baggage - still costs way over $300,000 but does cruise 195KT (book)

The Piper web site lists the Saratoga TC at 185 knots at 15,000 feet and base price of $439,600.

The non-turbo lists at 166 knots at peak power at 5,000 feet and base price of $409,800.

While they don’t have much load with full fuel (102 gallons useable), on a shorter trip they gain a lot more by leaving behind two hours worth of fuel than the SR20 would.

They cost more than double what N116CD cost and aren’t quite as well equipped.

If I could trade even up for one of these but would have to fly it for the next ten years, I’d stay with the SR20.

Even if they kicked in the extra $6000 per year it would cost extra per year for fuel and insurance.

Ten years from now the value of the SR20 will probably be higher than either of these.

Within the next two to three years I hope the SR20 will have a 150 pound gross weight increase, an STC for a FADEC system (about $5000), and an STC for an intercooled turbo normalizing system (about $25,000) to give it a 180+ knot cruise at 15,000 to 17,000 feet at 9.6 gallons per hour.

No free lunch, just great technology.

Ok, maybe 177 kn. and 10.2 gph.