Unabashed Bragging

It is official - my son has attained the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, at the age of 15!. His scoutmaster got the official approval letters from the Board of Review and the national BSA Headquarters yesterday. The Court of Honor for Douglas will be held 14 December 2010 in Boone, NC.

Any fellow COPAns who have also achieved this milestone, please Give Douglas F. Dobson a round of applause because, as you well know, he deserves it!

Congratulations to all of you, Bill. I’m sure you know the statistics for life accomplishment for Eagle Scouts compared to the population as a whole.

Tell Douglas that you know a 60-year old in St. Louis that still regrets that he never did what it took to become an Eagle Scout…


Bill- congratulations! The rank of Eagle Scout will prove to be important to your son his entire life. Please congratulate him for me. While I know it is not a race, I obtained my Eagle at 15 so my son had a goal of achieving the rank at a young age and he completed it a month earlier than I did. The rank was consideration for him getting into college and he shows good leadership skills now. Steven remained in Scouts while in High School and found new challenges attending Philmont etc. All the best to your son. Bob Dunne