Tango One at KFFZ PIREP

My folks live in Mesa and I fly there more frequently now. Attached my airnav comment. Tango one was impressive and they even gave me a discount on their already low fuel price. The V.P. of Operations Dewitt, extremely cordial and also is the ex-President of Micco aircraft.

“Only FBO at KFFZ worth using! Tango One was amazing! I have used both FBO’s on the field, however Tango One will always get my business. I was getting in later then planned 20:00 local time so I called and spoke with Chris. I knew that they closed at 20:00 so I asked where I could park, Chris explained the south tie down area to me in great detail. Arrived 21:30 and Chris was still there to park and tie me down. Great service and it gets better. Knowing that the next day at my departure time of 11:00 it would be approx. 100 F, I asked if they had any hanger space, unfortunately they did not. Upon arriving 11:00 the next morning, I did not see my aircraft, they had pushed it into the hanger at 8:00 to keep it cool. They even had their mechanic working on the air conditioning unit of a saratoga in the sun to provide me with shade. Conclusion, Great Service, Great Fuel Price and the Best FBO at KFFZ.”

They had another SR22 in the hanger for the evening.


That was my SR22 in the hangar… I was there to pick my nephew up from a
basketball tournament.

I sure was glad to have the plane in the hangar, it was 112F when I departed.

The Tango one folks pulled my rental car right up to my plane after I taxi’d in the
Friday evening, so I could easily unload the plane into the car right there on
the ramp. They also llet me load luggage and passengers and preflight in the
hangar, then they pushed me out of the hangar and away I went… excellent


Hey Rick,
Seems your PIREP caught Aero-News.Net’s Jim Campbell’s eye. (Jim is Editor-in-Chief).

Your accolades were echoed here.

  • Mike.


Sorry that we did not meet up. I stopped Friday night for dinner SEZ and ran into Craig Albright 857CD from Chandler. Cirrus are everywhere these days.

It was 108 F when we left FFZ at 11:30. Later departed IFP (Laughlin/Bullhead City) at 16:30 and it was 116 F. To keep CHT’s cool (400-410) we climbed out at 140 kts and 500 fpm to 9500 where they finally cooled to 392.

Look forward to meeting you sometime.

P.S. Tango One was good!

Thanks Mike.

Jim contacted me yesterday requesting permission to reprint.

Credit goes to you and the other founders of COPA for setting up this great forum where we can all interact to benefit each other.