Super Model flies a Cirrus

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Carrier, no voice. Did she send her “people” to get you to delete the evidence? [;)]

Be safe and have fun,

Apparently she’s too thin to see.

Talk about clickbait. not sure why it didn’t post.

I don’t know why you guys are having such a problem. I got it; no trouble.


I don’t care what anyone says about you Dennis… you are one FUNNY guy!

I agree Rob. I understand that is what the rest of the lawyers think as well.

I’m still having trouble with this video. What is to say that this is a supermodel? Just the addition of ‘European’? Are we COPAns really so credulous? Does this lady have a Wikipedia page? Surely if you’re a supermodel you minimally have a Wikipedia page?

I think it’s just someone’s sister. video here

Here is her site.

Dennis, if you can just photoshop all that hair with the famous thong photo, we could definitely increase our female COPA readership.


Ok, Alex Wolf, Alex Wolf… Why don’t you wear white gloves when you teach me??!

Kalaupapa yet! And a beautiful girl and a Cirrus. It’s not possible to top that combo!


I love making you dirty old men jealous.

I flew into Kalaupapa many years ago - I think it was on a charter. In a gap in time that lingers today, I caught a tour with Richard Marks. I vividly remember Richard, with his rough face and hands, and his soft voice. The stories he told of the people of Kalaupapa and their lives made anyone who listened a more understanding and compassionate person. Richard was a survivor of Hansen’s Disease. He still called it leprosy.

As the outcasts in Kalaupapa were slowly cured or stabilized with sulfone drugs in the 1950’s and 1960’s the state decided to close the leper colony and open the land for development. It was Richard who protested, saying that these people should be able to stay in their homes in peace, especially the elderly, that after so many years of isolation they would not be able to adjust to outside life. He was a bulldog, and the state finally agreed. Later he petitioned for Kalaupapa to be placed under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service, reasoning it would be more permanent than with the state and county. Richard the bulldog persisted, and today the former colony is part of the Kalaupapa National Historical Park. Richard passed away in 2008, at age 79, after 52 years in Kalaupapa.

You can fly into Kalaupapa Airport, but access to the park and settlement is only by pre-arranged tours. (Lawrence, please correct me if I’m wrong about this.) I’ve flown along the sea cliffs of north Molokai many times and it has to be the most spectacular flying in the world.

You are correct! We usually take a picnic lunch and eat at the field.

Laurence, since I occupied that seat just a few months ago is it OK for me to boast I basically dated a super model? (Although not really my type LOL)

LOL like I said just a bunch of dirty old men here![:O]

G, Benign neglect on my part, and I have too much experience with Russians to care that much.