SR22 Partnership KCCR

Hi, I am looking to join a partnership or start one for an SR22 out of KCCR (Buchanan field in the East Bay Area of California). The local flight clubs are pretty lacking. Anyone local who is interested?


Michael, I moved from the area about a year ago, but I remember there were people interested in this. Reach out to Chris Baker at He’s pretty connected with the Cirrus community and might be able to help you find some people. Good luck!

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Hands down the best way to get connected with the Cirrus community is to join COPA, have look and remember you have 30 days to change your mind if you don’t find the Memeber areas beneficial to your Cirrus Life.

You can follow the link below, or the banner atop your browser window when viewing the guest forum, to learn more.

How to Upgrade/Update your COPA Membership

Thanks Damian!

Thanks Hans!

You’re welcome! Hope you find a good partner!

Hi Michael,

I just thought I would ask if you are flexible on a SR22 vs. SR22T partnership?

I am flexible. Perhaps we can set up a time to discuss?

If you are still looking, I’m definitely interested along with my best friend. He’s got a hangar at Livermore and is putting his plane on the market in the next few weeks. We were thinking of a SR20 to keep cost down for just the two of us but with three, a SR22 would be doable.