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First Post. I’ve been flying Cirrus Aircraft for a little over a year now and consider myself a convert; time for the next step. Looking to buy a G1 with a few partners in San Diego and upgrade the avionics. Anyone interested? Hangar at Montgomery or Gillespie works best for me.

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Travis…would you consider Carlsbad? PM me and we can talk about it.

I would be interested in a partnership at CRQ, but would prefer a G3T (Perspective) or G5T. PM me if there is interest.

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I am very interested Travis. I’ve been hoping to find someone to do this with. Please call/text me as soon as you can. 858.900.1769

Gonzalo Aranda

I may even have 1-2 other guys interested as well…

I have a SR20 G1 with heavily upgraded avionics in KCRQ. Let me know if you guys want to check out how you can get access (through the flight club it currently belongs to) or if we want to evaluate other partnership opportunities. Info can be found here

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I’ve been a plus one member for years, but I’ve never made the extra drive up to Palomar. Since you have the setup I like in your plane (dual G5s with GTN), I will probably get checked out in 173CD and do some flying in it! The club’s SR20 in Ramona has a new GNX 375 with a GI 275 HSI, but I prefer the bigger touch screen NAVs (650 and 750) since they wind up being more useful for displaying information. Looks like Mike Fisher is one of your check CFIs, so I schedule it with him.


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I’ve got two prospective partners now, but still looking for one more… Probably going to meet up soon and discuss.


Once you have your Cirrus, do you want to park it in or outside?

We have a 70 x 70 hangar at MYF to which we can add a Cirrus. Full CrownAir line service included at no charge.

Also, you can park your car safely inside when flying.