Reno Air Races

I am planning to attend the Reno Air Races in September and would appreciate any info on flying to the event. I’m based on the East Coast (RDU) and will make the trip in an SR22. I have heard that tiedowns are reserved eons into the future and hotel space wil be at a premium. I’m sure some of you West Coasties have made this trip.


Used to live in Reno and worked out at the convenience store in Stead, which is where the air races are held, when I was a kid. I’m sure the tie downs are as you described at either Reno or Stead but hotel rooms in Reno shouldn’t be a problem.

I’d recommend flying into one of the outlying aiprorts like Carson City, Fallon, Truckee or, best of all, South Lake Tahoe. Tie down there, rent a car and drive back to Reno. If you don’t mind a gorgeous drive, Truckee or South Lake have excellent accommodations and it would be just over an hour from Truckee and 90 minutes from South Lake to drive to Stead each day.

If you have quesitons on what to do and where to stay, send me an email.

We have gone many times and the Silver Legacy is our favorite for the past several years. I have not flown there but it must be something to plan well in advance. If people have some good advice I may try to fly there myself this time rather than the drive.

Thanks for the advice. I anticipated having to tiedown at an outlying airport and will begin to research these. Thanks again.