Redbird Full Motion Simulator Training Available During Migration

Hello COPA!

Professional Aviation Resources has Redbird Full Motion simulator training sessions available with both Avidyne and Cirrus Perspective cockpits during COPA Migration in ADS. We are conveniently located next to the airport, just up the street from the Million Air FBO and very close to the Intercontinental. We have transportation available to and from the simulator for scheduled training and we will be at booth 62 to answer any questions you might have. Our phone number is 972-704-9575 should you have any questions or wish to schedule. All training is fully log-able and will be conducted by Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots.(CSIP) Here is a list of just some of the training we will be able to do for you during COPA:

Available Cirrus Courses

Recurrent Instrument Training

Recurrent VFR Training

Initial and Recurrent CAPS Training

Upset Recovery Training

We also are available during and after COPA for all of your training needs with courses such as these:

Transition Training

Advanced Transition Training

Avionics Differences Training

Airframe/Powerplant Differences Training

Icing and Weather Awareness Training