Post Serial Numbers (Please)

This may seem a bit of a naggy post, but now that we have so many different configurations of 20s and 22s out there, it has become difficult to know if a question or problem may affect your plane. How do you all feel about about posting our serial numbers? It seems the easiest, if not totally accurate, way to tell which cowling (SR20 issue), exhaust (SR22 issue), MFD (Both), etc. that is included is to post your S/N when you discuss a problem or post a question.
For instance, I saw a post about an SR22 owner/pilot worrying about hight CHTs. I would guess that this was a newer one with the dual exhausts which seem to run hotter. Also, the conversations about leaning and the MFD showing “Best Economy” I am guessing have the Avidynes.
An alternative would be for Steve or Jim to upgrade the forum software to generate that info, but it would be easier and less of any privacy issue for each of us to voluntarily do so on our on.
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Great idea, Marty! I’ve added a ‘Signature’ using the Control Panel / Personal Information / Edit screens to include that information.

I think posting the aircraft details is a great idea
SR20C 1036 dual 430’s century ARNAV BH software double stack, light gray leather, stormscope, old light 7qts of oil and a 160 kt cruise @ 11GPH 2 doors and a parachute

Well, agreed, but SR 20 B (430/420) Sandel, 3 blade, leather , overweight (2160 empty) and slow (150 max) but content…

Dennis: What color is your leather?


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What color is your leather?

I don’t believe that’s an appropriate question for the forum. Now, about my aircraft. . . unless I’m wrong, they are all the same color gray and therefore the mere mention of leather seats infers GRAY, with a little insignia on the headrest

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unless I’m wrong, they are all the same color gray and therefore the mere mention of leather seats infers GRAY

There are actually two gray leather options:

Shadow Gray - darker
Dove Gray - lighter

Then there’s the “Feather beige” leather color, and several combinations of these colors with or without fabric.

Thank you Gordon;
I have amended my earlier post so as to be consistant and based upon the facts provided