Plane Cover, XM Remote, Misc for sale

I have the following items available please let me know if anyone is interested,

Bruces Custom Cover withThree Blade (Non-Composite) prop cover. I believe the cover works for any G1, G2, or G3, 20, or 22. It does not cover the wings or tail. It does have my old tail number silk screened on it, comes complete with bag and it is in great condition with no rips or tears. Lets say $200 bucks plus the ride

XM Cirrus remote control with clip in good condition shows normal wear but otherwise clean and powers up. $150 shipped

CellSet LRC series (Lemo Plug) This is used to integrate Bluetooth, Ipod or Ipad Audio, or any other Media into your headset with full two way capability. I also have a Motorola HF 800 that I will send with it so you can have Bluetooth… $150 for both delivered…

Set of four new Aerox, Oxysaver Cannula’s in the package never used. Part number P/N 4110-703 These are FMNV-PB1 should work with most systems just make me an offer they are just gathering dust.

Before anyone jumps to assumptions I had an ownership interest in an 05 SR-22 that was involuntarily relocated to another owner, at the time these items were not in the plane when the possession transferred in the middle of the night… If interested I will send some pics of any or all just let me know. Please let me know if this is the right place for this but since I am no longer a member (dont have a plane) this was my only option.

Please email at synre01 (at) gmail dot com

XM Remote is sold everything else still available.