Phoenix area partnership SR22

I am in the process of looking for a G2-G3 SR22 and am interested in finding a partner so the plane can fly more than I will be able to fly it. Hoping to find someone who will keep the same standards as I would with proper maintenance and care. I would be based at KCHD but am open to any other Phoenix area airport if you have a hangar.



Carl, I am interested. Please give me a call if you are still looking. I live in Surprise.

Sam Darghous, P.E., CSIP, ATP
602 696 9856

I have some interest too if you’re looking still.
Have no time in Cirrus but looking for right opportunity.
Have instrument rating / high performance/complex endorsement with retractable time as well as tailwheel endorsement.
Not sure how many partners you’d be interested in

I am still interested, so let me know when would be a good time to talk and send me your number. I just returned from vacation and will be available for the rest of the week. Thanks,


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My cell is 480-327-8998
I’d be available around noon to 1pm today?
That work for you?

PS if that can’t work for you if you want to text me your number or leave it here. I’m going out of town to a wedding this weekend. I am not sure when I’d be able to talk but if there’s a time over the weekend that would work for you, I can try to give you a call at that time. Just let me know!