PFD upgrade option

I am trying to understand how people became aware that they could delay their SR-22 order to get the PFD upgrade. My plane was supposed to be delivered in Feb/March 2003. In late September, I received a letter telling me that my delivery was being moved up. My option sheet was dated May 2001 and the PFD was not a listed option (even though apparently it was demonstrated at OSHKOSH and many people chose to delay their delivery for it).
Once I became aware that this was an option, I tried to do so also. Cirrus called me two weeks afterwards (mid October) and told me that I could not get the PFD and had to take delivery.
I was trying to trade my spot, or optionally sell it and try to buy another spot with the option of the PFD. I used my new baby as an excuse because I did not want to speak poorly of CD. However, I could not get CD to commit to anything (or even return calls) and I eventually retracted my offer rather than keep people hanging (like Cirrus was doing to me).
It may be the world’s best aircraft, but the customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I originally purchased the SR-20 but kept getting bumped. Then I got further bumped so they could produce the higher margin SR-22.
I have been an avid supporter of CD but feel like I have been taken advantage of once too often. Please contact me off the list to let me know about how you decided or became aware of the option to upgrade. I am hoping to negotiate further. Sorry to waste everyone elses time.

Excellent point Jim! I was never given the option of the upgrade to the PFD either but my priority was to get a plane sooner so it did not matter to me. But how DID anyone else even know to ask for the delay?

I will let you know once I find out.
Thanks for replying