Our FREE Annual

As the Grand Prize winner at M4, Rhonda and I again want to thank COPA, Bill Ahmann and the gang at Twin Cities Aviation for giving us such a wonderful gift. As you can read in the attached letter, TCA really stepped up and went above and beyond for us. Don’t think that this treatment was a one time thing just for us, as we had previously used TCA for an annual and other Cirrus related services.

It is wonderful to know where there are special and unique Cirrus Service Centers out there. You can take this to the bank: TCA is near the top of the list.

So if you might be considering coming to M5, maybe - just maybe - you might be the next GRAND PRIZE WINNER. I would bet that this years award will be equally outstanding.

It is possible that lightning does strike twice!

It is my hope you will come and join us at M5.

Now about that unveiling that is rumored…
1-252364-M4TCALetter2-24-07.doc (26 KB)