Oshkosh announcement teaser

From today’s http://www.aero-news.netAero-News.net: “Cirrus Design Steps Up As ANN’s Lead Sponsor For Our 2003 Special AirVenture Coverage… Cirrus Design is turning this industry on it’s ear right now. More important; we know a few things that we can’t quite tell you yet that are going to make this company even more notable than it already is… Cirrus Design is poised to make a number of announcements that are going to have an amazing effect on this industry and help to revitalize the world of general aviation and put more capable safer airplanes into the hands of flyers all over the world…”

At least some of what they will announce is already on their website. The big news is that the PFD will be standard on all aircraft. There is also a new airplane, the SRV, which is a VFR-only version of the SR20.

I wonder about insuring the SRV. It seems hard to insure an SR2x right now without a million hours in make & model and an ATP certificate. How is some non-instrument-rated pilot going to insure his/her new SRV?

The news release also contains a more realistic cruise speed and empty weight for the SR20 than what has been published in the past.