I had to have my first jump start yesterday. I played with radios to long.Wfat I noticed is the strter turned much faster.And My SR20 strated rite up.I am wondering if this could be part of the starting isue.Now On hat starts it lites rite up.I have the SR20A oct 4 delivery.Now it could be my procedure.I mean ive always got it going.But not like my IO540 TRinidad.It always started on the second turn but I had 900 hours in it I only have 50 in the 20.By the way I never thought I would like an airplane beter than the trinidad {altough they are nice but so much money} but I do now.If all goes well I will get a new Sr20 that is every 2years or a22 if they get the diesal in it.From Don 705DM