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Can somone help me. I Have been geting these pop up advertisings. For about 5 weeks now even from people trying to say they can stop them. It is a hassle. Is there an easy way to stop them. Thanks from Don

There are a lot of add-on programs that can fix this. Personally I use a different browser, than just IE. Try the Avant Browser at It has a button that lets you block all pop-ups, and also has some other neat features (multiple cascading windows)

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Go to : and search the word “pop-up”. You can pick from a list of pop-up stoppers


There are two types of Pop Ups that are annoying as hell. The first and most common are the Pop Ups that occur when you open certain websites. These are basically commands to your computer to open another window of Internet Explorer. An example would be when you visit and up pops a window for sunshades or other such non-sense, in another window. A simple free download called Popupstopper will put an end to these. Try and enter pop up stopper in the search. Find a free application, you do not need to buy one.

Another annying pop up, and one that you may be refering to, is one that exploits windows messenger service in XP. You get a message out of nowhere on your screen, even when you aren’t surfing the web, selling everything from software to stop the damn messages to more xxx rated stuff. To stop these pop ups on your computer, try this:

The way to block these annoying messages is to disable the Messenger service. In Windows XP, you can do this through the Control Panel. Navigate to Administrative Tools | Services. Double-click on Messenger and click on Stop. Then set the Startup Type to Manual or Disable. Click on OK and the pop-up spam will be blocked. Windows 98, 95 and the rest don’t have this problem because they only open the port when messenger is running.

BTW, this feature is not to be confused with microsoft net messenger service… the one where your friends and family can annoy you with “Are you there?” A curse to productivity and banned on all of our computers at work. This is a completely different program.

This worked for me and has no ill effects on your computer. If you are using your computer in an office environment, your IP person might want to use this feature and can suggest a fix with your firewall or blocking a certain open port. For the average user, the above will work fine.

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I use PopUp Dummy. It has been 100% effective at stopping pop-ups on my machine. Plus, you can (optionally) assign a WAV file to it so you hear a sound of you choice when it crushes some scumware’s attempt to pop-up. Very satisfying!

I think it costs $30.

Two more add-ons to consider, while we are on this off-topic topic:

  1. SpamCatcher. This eliminates most (but not all) of the spam I get. Of course, this means I lose the opportunity to enlarge various body parts, but I am willing to pay that price.

  2. SpyBot Search and Destroy. This finds an AMAZING number of programs that are lurking your PC reporting on your activities. Some, like DoubleClick, are well-known and are mostly used for marketing research, but some are nastier. It found more than 100 of these spyware applets on my PC. It also can “innoculate” your PC so that you are protected from a wide range of what they call “scumware”.


I use the Free Surfer Mk II. It has worked great for me and it’s free… which is pretty cheap.

This is their web sight:

How do I stop Office XP from stripping off any links and .exe files I try to eamil out?

Are you using Outlook Express?

If so, open Outlook Express, click on Tools, then Options, then Security - under Virus Protection, de-select the option "Do not allow attachements to be saved or opened that may contain viruses) or something similar. If this doesn’t work, then you have a different problem and I’ll need more info. I believe XP defaults to have OutExpress select this option.

Don’t forget to get a good virus utility. Norton AntiVirus is my top choice. Easy to use, good UI, and automatically updates itself over the internet with a one year subscription. Norton will scan your outgoing emails to ensure you aren’t trying to infect the rest of us.

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No, I’m using Office XP, which in cludes Outlook XP.