Non Cirrus Owner - Shall I Stay or Shall I Go?


Just joined as a guest to refresh my memory of what the non member audiences see.

I was initially told to join COPA by 2 Cirrus Directors at that time, Chris Eichman and Ivy McIver. I have owned 2 Cirrus, an Eclipse Jet, shared in a Meridian and in a Cessna Citation Mustang. Have a SIC rating on a DC3.

I occasionally fly a Cirrrus, and I am pretty familiar with all things CAPs. One day I might purchase one.

Now there is a thread on the marketplace section that drifted to an interesting and completely public (visible to all) discussion on the boundaries (or not) f this particular type club.

Even the type of relationship between Cirrus and COPA has been discussed there.

Now, given that I am an occasional Cirrus pilot, but I fly more frequently a different type, should I refrain from joining???


Ma Che Cazzo! You no go noware, we needa you here! Capice!

You should absolutely join.

The information you will glean from the many posts on COPA will almost certainly improve your already impressive pilot skills and make you a safer pilot.

Looking forward to seeing you on the member’s side.

Yikes! I did not realize the Marketplace forum was public. Might do some editing…

Thank you Master Y… Although I was rather expecting a:

”Absolutely join you should” [:)]

My thinking is that you should not overreact to comments of a tiny number of posters (count ‘em on one hand) which originated from their personal perceptions of (maybe) one or two members. Most of the sentiments in that thread were in favor of keeping COPA membership wide open for the very experienced pilots like you that have moved on to bigger and faster. Many of us would aspire to do the same.

There are thousands of members who were not critical of non-Cirrus pilots. Can you find a cooler group to hang with?

And on the COPA Forums you can also learn proper grammar and spelling.

Truly worth $65/year

Please stay inside the fence. Your experiences are appreciated by many.

I personally love learning from pilots in this community who have transitioned on to larger planes. Your knowledge and experience will add a lot to the discussions.

Join, there are plenty of threads which I am sure you could both benefit and help others.

One of the things I like is COPA tends to discuss why; more than other type clubs I have/am members of.


I think we need to have a formal review process before deciding on your COPA future…

Any issues with multiple personalities? If so please post the full name and rating category of each personality and the airframe with which they currently fly.

Everything is always public…PED ettiequte 101. To OP I would definitely join even if to get a different perspective. I read on Mooney, Bonanza, Cessna forums etc…You can never learn enough in aviation, and everyone has something to contribute!

I’m a former Cirrus Owner who enjoys sitting in the bleacher seat and watching the aviation banter - I need my fix. I think that there’s something about the COPA community that’s both magnetic and polarizing and, ultimately for me, alluring. Bottom line - $65/year gives you the best seat in the house! Enjoy!!

I’d say you should ask for a COPA membership for Christmas and I’m sure Santa will get you one! [G]

Jump on in, the water is fine … occasionally warm, but why would you want it any other way? Besides, this is where all the cool kids hang out!

cool kids.jpg


Too funny, guys!!!

Practically nothing, and I think many prospective members look at this Guest forum, see nothing of value, and move on, not knowing of the vibrant action and 1.1 million posts in the Member forums. That’s one of the reasons why I am a strong advocate for elimination of the non-member Guest forum. That, and all the security issues that have resulted from this forum.