New Orleans Jazz Fest

A great fly in for Cirrus Owners would be the New Orleans Jazz Fest held at the end of April and the 1st weekend in May. Are there any organizers motivated to put something together. A top restaurant to meet is Dixie Brennans Steak house - reservations will be needed months in advance. I wish I had time to organize something for all - anyone interested? I haven’t missed a JF in the last 6 years - however 2007 will be my 1st visit via my new Cirrus…

I wanna go!

It’s still a bit early to commit for sure (as I’ve got loads of business conventions that typically happen this time of year), I’d definitely be intersted in joining in the festivities!

So, put me down as a “tenative” yes!

We go to Jazz Fest every year. This year, I’m planning to fly my Cirrus. We’re going the second weekend.

Dan Richard

Put me down