New Cirrus Owner in Washington State

I just put a 2006 SR22 Turbo under contract and close shortly. I am a new student pilot finishing up my VFR. I’ll be flying my aircraft back from the east coast with a Cirrus instructor in two weeks. This is my first aircraft purchase and a big deal for me. I would like to connect with someone in Washington State who would be willing to spend time with me to guide me through the joys of ownership if so willing. As well, I would love the opportunity to continuously learn and improve from others with much more experience.

I am new to the forum and was looking forward to connecting with other local Cirrus pilots virtually for guidance and advice.



Hi Jonathan,

I recently purchased a 2005 SR22TN which I keep at Auburn municipal. Happy to connect. Where are you going to keep yours?

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Awesome, I have a spot at S43/Harvey. if you can send a PM with your contact would love to chat if you have time.

Hello, this is timely! I’m looking to purchase an SR22TN as soon as I can find a spot for it. I’m on Mercer Island but figure I’ll likely have to keep it in Everett until space opens up…

Would love to be part of your conversation- I’ve owned in the past, but am new to the Cirrus world and would love to get your advice about purchasing, maintaining, and flying.


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Happy to share my experience was a definite learning curve.

Send me a private message and I’ll share my contact with you. Happy to help.

I’ll tack on here. Our group is about to pick up our 2004 SR22 and will be keeping it at Auburn (S50) too. Coincidentally, one of our former partners wants to keep our Mooney and move it to Harvey (S43).

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Hi Jon,
I have been based at Harvey (S43) since I purchased my 2004 NA SR22 in 2010. There have been several members here who have come and gone at Harvey. I do my own owner assist annuals and owner assist maint. I would love to connect virtually until vaccinated (immune compromised).

First suggestion: Join COPA, best $65 you will ever spend.
Second: PM me.

Harvey is a short, uneven runway. There is a lot of short field advise you will need to read up on this site. Pay special attention to the mantra of 77 kts max over the fence minus 1 knot per 100 lbs. Never come over the fence > 77kts at Harvey otherwise it’s a Go Around.

@NWflyer This is fantastic! I was worried that I was going to be a unicorn so glad to see that is not the case. I am definitely going to join, I believe Embark gives me one year free with COPA? If not, I agree its worth it and Ill just sign up. I guess as a guest I am unable to send/initiate private messages? If that’s the case shoot me a message and ill exchange contacts. Would be great to meet virtually / zoom.


Welcome! So exciting to be getting your ticket and a bird at the same time!

Which part of WA? I did my IFR training with The Flight Academy in Seattle. Flew out of Boeing Field mostly (KBFI) when I did it. Pretty area (I’m not based there, I’m down in Vegas) that’s for sure!

Good question. Ask your Embark instructor.

I sent a PM to you.

@jmills I was nervous about posting I was a new pilot thought I would get slammed lol. I am out of Snohomish S43. I will be doing IFR with The Flight Academy in Seattle. I should send you a picture right now I wish I was down in Vegas :wink: Nice to meet you Jason.

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Hi Jonathan, I have a 2005 SR22 G2 NA at KPAE (West Condos), my friend Raman Sarin also has a 2005 SR22 G2 NA also based at KPAE (East Condos), looks like we have quite a Cirrus community building around here. PM me if you have any questions.



I have a G1 SR22 that’s been based at KBFI its whole life. Not sure I can answer about new ownership, but if any general flying questions…

Hopefully after covid, Flight Academy will get back to doing their periodic Cirrus fly in lunches. That’s a good group of people.


I am literally doing the same thing :slight_smile:

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I’ve got a line on a hangar opening up at KPAE. DM me your contact info and I’ll get you connected.

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Hey Geoff,

I’m happy to answer any questions you have. Wanna give me a call? 858 436 4556

Thanks to all who responded. Really great to see so many people in the Washington area willing to help out and the great response. Once this COVID is no longer thing I look forward to meeting everyone in person.


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Hey Washington Flyers. I bought a G2 in May 2020 and I’m based at Boeing (BFI).

Happy to chat about my purchase experience and would be great to meet some of the other Cirrus drivers in area.



I’ve only been on this forum a year, and just got back into flying last December. These folks on this forum board have been nothing but friendly and helpful. I really learn a lot reading posts here. Plus there is the entertainment value on many of the posts as well!

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Hey Jonathan,

I’m a little late to the party but I wanted to add my welcome as a fellow PNW Cirrus owner.

I’m based in Seattle (based out of BFI) and previously owned a 2009 22TN. Like you, I’m in the process of getting ready to close on my next plane (a VisionJet) here in a few weeks. Let me know if I can offer any advice/assistance with your new plane.