N255BW - Any sightings at Migration?

Hey All,

Just wondering if anyone attending managed to catch sight of my new 2016 SR22 NA while making your way around the Cirrus factory or ramp. It’s a Driftwood and White Platinum painted GTS and I’m picking her up on Thursday. I’m in those last desperate days of waiting where the emails from Laura Olson are too few and I’m thinking someone might have photographed or at least seen her!


I think I saw it and it looks beautiful! They did not allow photographs or they mentioned something about a wood chipper.

I saw it, very nice paint scheme, classy.

when you get it show us some pictures

What Ed said.

Yes, indeed no pictures!

Yes, we saw it, only one like it. There were lots of red and silver ones.


Thanks for the replies, everyone! Will definitely make a post about the pickup with some proper photographs.

As we were doing the factory tour I couldn’t help but think about the owners of every single plane we saw. Even the very early stages gluing the composite halves together is a plane that will bring joy to a family for many years to come.

It was some pretty good glue…I think the brand was Wrigley’s [:O]

You told me Elmers!

Well, it does say “Glue All” so it should work!