My SR20 has Warp Drive, - or is it an ARNAV bug?

I’m posting this to the public forum rather than the Members area as there has been some discussion about the different levels of activity being so high in the members forum!

Click “Attatchment” to see the graphical map of where my SR20 has been in the last 200 hours.

This is the EngineView Mapping window from my first 200 hours in the SR20. It traces picking up the plane in Eelde to England, Scotland, Belfast, all the west of Scotland and the SE England and trips down to Bordeaux france and Bairitz on the Spanish border.

However you will notice that my plane has never flown between 0 degrees and 1 degree West. My warp drive has kicked in, and the plane has entered a wormhole each time, jumping me a whole 60 miles or so west each time I fly between Greenwich and Farnbough!

I’m very supprised that the local UK radar services have not complained. Perhaps this brings a new meaning to the words “Pop-Up Traffic” ???

I will attatch the enginewatch data to another post (Just incase ARNAV want to grab the file for debugging purposes!, or anyone else wants to download engine view and “play the data”)

Isn’t it fun to ba able to share this data, if everyone posted their flight data, someone could join it all up and draw a map of every place a Cirrus had flown in the world. The ferry flight data would be good to get hold of, but my Engine Management was a retro fit!


I was not able to include the raw data file, as COPA has a 500k attatchment limit, and an ARNAV data card is 1Mb. Mail me if you want a copy of the data and I can send it directly

The software to view it can be downloaded from here



great post! I have the Engine Watch software - just tell me where you found the possibility to see your flights - I could not find it in mine (probably my stupidity) (Or do you have a later version??).

BTW, I’m still waiting for your report on the CPPP. Would you think a combination of the 100th delivery of a Cirrus to Europe (in May 2003) would be a good date to have the first European CPPP?


Timm Preusser N747TG


The software does not make it clear as to how to see the flights. I fiddled with selecting rows of data and the opening “Map View” to see it plotted untill I gave up.

I then downloaded the software again, and found no changes. Its not in the Help file or anywhere I can find, but this is the technique.

  1. Open Engine Watch
  2. Select File -> Open and choose your data file.
  3. Make sure the data windows are not full screen, as if you then open subsiquent windows, ALT/TAB or windows task switcher does not let you see them.
  4. Select View -> Map Display (or press CTRL M), size the map window so it is not full screen, or you may miss the “Replay Control” needed later.
  5. Select View -> Properties in the map window, check the Lat/Long limits are set for your area.
  6. You should see a “Replay Control window” open too, but as I said it can be hidden or hard to find. If you dont see it select “View -> Replay Control” in the main data window, or press CTRL R in the main data window.
  7. Hit the “By Record” button in the Replay Control, then hit Replay.
  8. You can adjust the replay speed while the Map Display is drawing your tracks.

Sorry I haven’t been in touch about the CPPP, We should talk, but I’ll post a summary hear too.

I’ve had no joy in cutting my data file in two so I can post some of it here, as you have to save as ASCII which makes it bigger, then if you chop it in two using NOTEPAD you seem to corrupt the file whan it loads back into EngineWatch. And EngineWatch its self only seems to allow one row to be deleted at once, and I’m not pressing CTRL F3 5000 times for anyone!

I think COPA should provide a seperate uploads area for data files that can take the full 1Mb, that would stop all these posts about “my temps are higher than yours, my prop spins faster than yours etc” we could look at each other’s raw data! Imagine what a great resource that would be for the fleet!

Shame ARNAV and AVIDYNE engine monitoring will be different formats, still I suppose that if there is enough data out there, some bright spark (Cirrus?) will write better software to read and analyse it or even to convert between the two formats for analysis!

Hats off to ARNAV for their first attempt anyway I think its a good start, and shows the way to go. Not sure what the Avidyne PC software is/will be like…

Data is useless without the proper visualisation tools. I’m still disappointed that Avidyne only records 50hours, compared with ARNAV’s engine lifetime or 200 depending on which database version you have.

Best Regards



thanks for the tip - I still had the old version without the view. Downloaded the new one, Bingo, it works. However, I have the same BUG left and right of Greenwich. I did some calculation and found out what they did wrong at Arnav. I’ll contact John Glaisyer asap and ask for improvements.



I wonder if Emax has the same capability?