Migration 12 Photo Album

This year we have an opportunity to all be photographers for the team. Every year at Migration each of us takes pictures. I especially enjoy Gil Williamsons. Many upload them to threads on the forum and we all enjoy them but they are not organized and are spread around the place. I tried to go find some to use this year on the web site and guidebook and they were hard to find.

This year I want to try and use our Guidebook technology to have us ALL be the “Official Photographers” and document the event.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Take pictures starting at your departure till your return.

  2. Document the experience

  3. Take pictures of your fellow members, Selfies with them are ok.[H]

  4. As you have time, using the M12 Photo Album item in GUIDEBOOK, upload your best. Be sure to put a Caption so we all know what it is.

  5. Enjoy what others post, by looking in that album from time to time.

  6. The one rule is if you upload it to the Album, What happens in Vegas will not Stay in Vegas.

After the event, we will export all the pictures and make a PHOTO Store on the Migration page for all to enjoy. You will be able to download the ones you want to keep personally.

Maybe we can run a poll and let the members select the BEST to be included in the Cirrus Pilot Magazine if Kim will allow us to select.