Medical coverage?

Praying I’ll never need it, I could use some advice about medical coverage of the rental pilot (me) if I am involved in an accident. In the past, my major medical covered any accidents (including private aircraft). I’ve changed medical insurer last year, and in preparation for a long cross-country I’m about to undertake, I now see that any medical coverage resulting from piloting or as a passenger in a private plane is not covered. I’m now trying to figure out how to arrange coverage. The AOPA renters insurance (I’m still not an owner…someday!!) is only a liability policy with no medical. I’m flying with a reputable instructor in his aircraft. He has a typical $1,000,000 policy, and I’m told that should cover me medically in case of an accident. Is this typical? Can anyone give some guidance please?

I’m not familiar with CFI policies, but most owner policies have a million total coverage, but LIMITED to only 100,000 per passenger. So, I wouldn’t rely on the CFI’s policy. Besides, if you are the PIC and at fault for the accident, then his policy wouldn’t be available anyway. And what about solo flights? Also, how about liability from damage to others caused by you? I would research policies available for renters, such as yourself