M12 Data Cycle Change

Jeff Bassett and I were having lunch yesterday and talking about the M12 trip. One of the topics that came up with that the data and charts will change while we are on the trip.

What are the best practices to do chart changes on the road. Perspective, Avidyne MFD, and Garmin 430?


Actually, the effective date is for navigation data 1410 is thru Oct 16 (we most likely we will be home) - the new cycle will be available to download from Garmin on Oct 9

Obstacles 14B5 is valid thru Nov 13

Safe Taxi is valid thru Nov 13

Approach plates are valid thru Oct 16

Airports file is valid thru Nov 13

IFR/VFR charts are valid thru Oct 16

This can all be viewed HERE at the Fly Garmin web site -


Garmin and Avidyne here. I download the new files on spare Garmin cards and thumb drives. Then put them in when appropriate. On strong advice I can add is carry with you your last known good MFD database. I have had the file corrupt more than once. Of course the mfd erases the old files before it knows the new ones are corrupt. Better to have one month old mfd data than one.

As Jeff said, cycle 1411 does not become effective until October 16, so you should not install it before that date.