Lynchburg, Virginia: where could I test-fly an SR20?

Hello! I am looking to upgrade from my 172 to an SR20 but have never flown one before. I was wondering if anybody knew of any flight schools that did demos/test flights. Or if anybody in the surrounding area has one they could show me.

Thanks in advance.

You can try the places listed in this directory, I haven’t checked the accuracy in a bit. If something is out of date you can update it directly in the sheet so others know too.

I’m pretty sure the Cirrus Delivery Center in Knoxville has rental’s and demo’s. Good time of year to fly across the hills and see the beautiful colors too!

Plenty of 20’s up in Northern VA. Try KJYO and Open Air.

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Before contacting a flight school, contact the Cirrus sales rep for your area for a demo flight. However, after that free one hour in a brand new Cirrus, you may be putting a deposit down.


…to wait 30 months for a new Cirrus.