Long Distance Flyer


Have been reading all the great posts about how long legged our 22’s are. Thought that I might throw another into the mix.

A few weeks ago, my travels took me from Rapid City, SD (RAP) to Dallas (Spinks) and then on to Houston (LaPorte). 4:30 and 1:15 respectively. Not much help from the winds. Went down at 11,500. I used to do Dallas in my 182 and it took me one stop and over 6 hours FT. What a dream to do this now.

Anyway, the best part was my return flight from Houston (CXO) back to RAP. Back at 10,500 to 12,000. LOP. Again, winds pretty benign. 5:35 FT and had 12-14 gal. on landing.

All I can say is that I am so privileged and lucky to be able to fly this great machine. Even better is the great bunch of guys and gals who make up COPA! My life has really been enriched, getting to know many of you in person and others via this site.

Sign me Blessed!

David Schwietert 203 RF PFD/TKS

That’s funny, I was just flying two friends back to Minneapolis from the Reno air races. One of them owns a Skylane (need I say more about his reaction to the SR22??).

When I wasn’t thinking about how nice that foam pad felt on my butt (see this post), I was thinking how small the country had gotten since I hit the left seat of a Cirrus!

We are indeed a very, very lucky sliver of the earth’s population.

Paul Boedecker