Latest Pedictions for Hurricane Isabel (big file)

The Hurricane Center is predicting that the Outer Banks will get a direct shot from a Cat IV storm.

If you are interested in the overall probabilities, check out
web page. The predictions are usually pretty accurate for 36 hours out and they have been pretty consistent for days. It seems the only wild card is the cold front that will be moving through the country for the next couple of days. If it arrives early, it would cause the storm to turn more northerly.

If you are in it’s direct path and within 25 miles of tidal waters, I would seriously reflect on the important things in life and get out. It would appear that the Chesapeake Bay will be hit with major flooding from the tidal surge, but a few miles east or west will have a tremendous impact on this.

If you are considering flying relief flights, generators, water, tarps and gas seemed to be in need, but check with your local red cross, Angel Flight, FEMA or other disaster relief organizations.

Good Luck