Is my new plane a sr22t or sr22tn?

i just purchased a 2009 cirrus. it was represented as a sr22t but i found a punch of paperwork from tornado alley. my tail number is N828VT.

The TN conversion is an STC modification of the stock IO-550N engine. This is an older aircraft listing:

when it was listed as a TN. I can’t rule out an engine swap happened later. It’s possible to replace the IO-550N with a 550-K turbo engine.

That‘s a TN.

Hi Ty and welcome to COPA!
That is indeed a TN as others have posted. I am surprised that it went all the way through the entire purchase process without someone catching that. Oh well, the TN is a great plane and as long as you love it that is all that matters.

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Beautiful bird!

Also, you posted this in the Guest section - you might not get a lot of traction here as not all of us monitor it. You might want to post in Cirrus Flying or Airframe and Powerplant.

Do you have a CSIP?

Well, a FIKI TN Perspective is essentially perfection, so double congratulations!