Instrument failure / Barnes & Noble

Not to detract from these very serious instrument issues, thought IÂ’d throw in an anecdote:

I read in a statistics book that a large company put out competitive bidding for an electronic part. The deal was that the contractor must supply the parts with 95% of them functional i.e. 5% defective parts would be tolerated. A Japanese company won the bid. When the order arrived, it arrived in two boxes: One was the parts that worked (100%) and the other box had a note to the effect of: “We don’t know why you would want them, but here are an additional 5% of parts that don’t work”.

The moral of the story is that I would have thought that there would be, in this age of advanced technology, pretty close to zero tolerance for failure of mission critical components. I am very uncomfortable with a “normal” failure rate, even in warranty, when our lives may depend on these instruments.

Another note:
In order to prepare for our Cirrus delivery, I wanted to get some new books to review the regs etc. My wife and I looked on Barnes & Noble’s website for flying books. We found that most of the books were basically listed to the effect that: “We no longer stock this book, try another vendor”. What’s up with that? Is this some goofy attempt to prevent highjackers from getting these books?

Great post I aggre with you from Don

I just ordered 3 Aviation Books from Amazon. Great selection.

cheers, jb