Inflator Life Seat Life Limits

I am looking for guidance on the life limits for the pilot and co-pilot seat inflators.

The time limits are in the Cirrus Airplane Maintenance Manual, and your aircraft should have the expiry dates in its airframe log book.

I’ve never heard of such things. What are seat inflators?

They inflate the airbags.

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Chapter 4 section of the Maintenance Manual shows the FAA and Cirrus have determined the airbag system is required (if installed) to be within the life limit as posted in the FAA APPROVED LIFE LIMIT section.

And, The FAA Approved Life Limit Section shows that this is posted in aisle 12, shelf 4, of the Library of Congress, which lists a link to, which is currently a broken link, but they are working on it.

I found the life limits for the inflators either 10 years or 12 years - depending on part number.
Has anyone had the inflators overhauled - exchanged - replaced? If so where did you have that accomplished?

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