Icing Pirep

N204AK was at 8000 feet in the clouds when we got hit by freezing rain. The windshield was covered, and the leading edges were covered with about 1/8 inch of ice. Some of the ice draped back from the leading edge about 1/3 the width of the wing.
Our airspeed dropped about 10 knots quickly. We requested 6000 feet and quickly descended without difficulty. The ice remained due to the OAT, but when we were allowed to drop to 4000 (OAT +3) the ice melted.
On the way home (from KHIO, Portland, Or), we encountered icing at 7000, climbed to 9er, got more, and found ourselves with 1/8 inch on the leading edge. My wife judges it to have been 1/2 inch, but (forgive me) I’ve taught her all along to overestimate size. Our climb to 11000 to get over the top of the clouds was an impressively slow 300 fpm at 90-95 knots. Our gross weight was 2750 at the time.