Hurricane TFR Issued

A Temp TFR has been issued below 2500 ft for the storm area in Florida. Further details available from FSS
VRB is unreported
PGD has a clear runway, but is strewn with FOD
Others are open but not accesable without clearance
All clearances into the TFR must go through Don Wood
850 921 0443


Do you know how long the TFR will last?

Brian Fowler SR20

I called FEMA to offer my services (retired Police Officer, so I’m comfortable with traffic control, First Responder/CPR, etc)

The number to call to volunteer is 1-800-354-3571. They’ll take your information and call back with their needs.

If they call me I’ll be headed over there from the Ft. Lauderdale area if anyone needs a ride.

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Do you know how long the TFR will last?

Regretfully, for quite some time I expect.