Hotel suggestion close to WA (Seattle) needed

Going to Wings Aloft to rent an SR20 this summer! Does anybody have a suggestion for a hotel close to BFI?
The closest one appears to be the Red Lion at Boeing Field (ex Holiday Inn). Has anybody stayed there?
Thanks in advance,

The Red Lion is at SeaTac International Airport (about 8 miles south), not Boeing Field. There are lots of hotels around, but no decent ones right at Boeing Field. I recommend you call Susan Blattenbauer at Wings Aloft and ask her to recommend a hotel. Wings may even be able to arrange a discount. Susan’s number is (206) 763-2113 ext. 111

Manolis: I had a car when I did my training at Wings Aloft. There is a hotel/restaurant/shopping center South of Boeing Field right off the freeway. I did not stay at the Red Lion, but it is right in the middle of the area and has it’s own restaurant. One guy that trained at Wings Aloft arranged to have his instructor just pick him up at the Red Lion. There are a number of other hotels in that area. I don’t remember the name of the one I stayed at. Wings Aloft can supply a list of the hotels. There are none in the immediate vicinity of the airport.

If you have a car, you have the variety of restaurants in the area. There is a Monterey Bay, an Italian restaurant, a steak house, Starbucks, Subway etc. all in the area. You want to stay somewhere in this immediate area as the area around Boeing field is sort of a decaying former industrial area. There is a McDonalds just north of BFI. I haven’t been in one since I took my training there, but it was the only thing going!

Stephen and Michael,
Thank you very much for the tips! Thanks also to the others that e-mailed me privately.
I’m looking forward to flying the -20!