Anybody know how to switch from inches to hectopascals on the Avidyne PFD?

There are roughly 7 hectopascals ( the International System of Units for pressure) equal to one pound per square inch. A hectopascal is 100 pascals. I have attached a conversion chart for the range of normal atmospheric pressure/altimeter settings and it is in pascals so you must multiply by 100 to get hepto–. You must have a PFD programmed for use out of the USA but I suspect it can be programmed in lbs/in^2. The USA is the only country still using the English system of measurments. Not even the English still are! How can we be so backward in such a small thing? It means that we have to have measuring instruments and tools in BOTH systems instead of only metric. Incidently Congress passed a law requiring the conversion several years ago but it was never implimented.

Nevin SR20, 1291, N1265C with all English guages!

see attachment
1-98861-MeasurementConversionTable.htm (8.61 KB)