Gill Page 1958-2002 Banyan Air-FXE

Gill Page 1958-2002 Banyan AirI know many FL aircraft owners will be sad to learn that Gill Page of Banyan Air in Ft. Lauderdale, died today. Apparently Gill had a massive heart attack at FXE today. Gill ran the Maintenance Shop for Banyan and was the best A & P I have ever met in my 40 years of flying. Gill knew the Cirrus like the back of his skillful hand. He was a good friend and we will miss him.

Oh my. I just recently met Gill for my first visit with my SR20. I was extremely impressed with him and his viewpoint on the Cirrus. He will be sadly missed. Thanks for the information.

I’ve been working with Gill over the last ten days on Service Bulletin and 100 hour work on my SR22. He seemed very knowledgeable about Cirrus and a really nice guy too. When someone you’ve just been talking to dies like that, it makes you reconsider your perspective on the day-to-day things we let bother us. Time to go hug the wife & kids.

John Kinsey
SR22 # 182