Gettysburg, PA Airport

I want to welcome all the members to visit Historic Gettysburg, PA. I have been working for the past year to bring the airport (W05) back to life. I have had many Cirrus,s visit already and I am looking forward to seeing many more. Blouch Aircraft Services 717-357-5958.


Congrats and added to my bucket list!

Add my kudos to Daniel and Gettysburg airport.
Great airport, service, fuel pricing and close to town.

Based at DMW and have flown practice approaches into W05 several times. Will stop in and say hi!

Hi Dan-thanks for taking care of us last summer and for your hard work bringing the airport back to life.

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See you soon.

Great, I definitely plan on visiting!

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looking forward to visiting

I used to live near Gettysburg as a child (many years ago). I never new it had an airport. Great news and looking forward to visiting.

I now fly my TBM from England 1-3 times per year to visit my parents in Westminster, MD and use DMW airport, so nice to see there is another COPA member there as well.

Can you get in when POTUS is at Camp David? Or out if he shows up?

Nice! Plenty of turboprop company for your TBM with the Pilatus/Piper sales and service center at DMW. There are also at least 3 other Cirri on the field that I know of.

Not a factor. DMW (and W05) outside the outer ring, and it is easily avoided.

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Dan - my family really enjoyed our time visiting Gettysburg last spring, your airports proximity to town, and the historic battlefields. I thank you again for the personal lift over to the rental car shop and all your hospitality.

Best of luck with all your plans.

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Congratulations and now on my bucket list to visit

Hey Mick, Iā€™m at DMW as well - Dream Flight Corporate hangar.
Good to hear of another COPA member in the neighborhood.

Yes. Not a problem. There is 4.29 miles between 06 and the expanded TFR.

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