Garmin Perspective+ Trainer for PC


Does anyone have any experience using the Garmin Perspective+ Trainer for PC? I have loaded up the software and the trainer starts fine but I cannot get the aircraft to move.

I have listened to the great YouTube videos that Steve Jarell has done and followed the process of clicking the menu button twice and then changing the ground speed but when I click ENT nothing happens.

Any advice warmly welcomed.


Assuming that you do not have a joystick plugged in you can do the following:

*Launch the trainer software (but do not power up the screens yet)
*Under Options select “Joystick Axis Configuration” - Select the “Use Keyboard for Joystick”
*Now power up the displays (under the Power menu)
*Press ctrl-UpArrow a few times (i.e. the arrow on your keyboard that moves your cursor up). ctrl-DownArrow slows the aircraft down

From this point I usually just control the aircraft using the autopilot, but you’ll see some other keyboard shortcuts listed under the joystick config page.

In case it also helps: if you want to put the aircraft somewhere else in the world and at a particular altitude, you can hit “menu” twice on the keyboard and the MFD will bring up a special demo mode window where you can change the “waypoint” to wherever you want the plane to be.


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I just installed it and spent 4 frustrating hours getting it going. Here is what I discovered on mine:

  1. Only install one airframe during install
  2. You will be using the Demo mode to place the aircraft (“where” and alt) and set the speed. Press Menu twice to get to demo mode, BUT…
  3. Use the PFD menu button, not the MFD (unfortunately)
  4. You will have to use the PFD FMS knob to change the settings. This is frustrating because there are no arrows to click on. There is a thin dark circle around the outside of the knob for the outer knob, and another thin circle inside for the small knob. To turn the knobs left be on the left side, to turn the knob right be on the right.

Hi @tcusolle and @MattY,

Great information thanks. I have now figured out the keyboard controls and managed to change airfields by entering waypoint information with PFD only switched on.

Have either of you managed to enter any airport outside US? For my sins I am based in Bristol, UK (EGGD) but when I enter that it doesn’t want to accept it. A database issue perhaps?


I tried EGGD (and nearby waypoints) without luck too just now - BUT, I bet you could get it to work if you put in the GPS coordinates (i.e. it lets you position the aircraft on that page at apparently any coordinate in the world … didn’t try it yet, so no guarantee)

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You will need to update the NAV database to include the UK, this is not something Garmin officially supports, but it is doable by carefully following the instructions detailed in the topic below:

Updating Databases on Perspective+ PC Trainer v.20.81

However, this topic is on the full member side of the site, you would need to upgrade to a full COPA membership to avail yourself of this topic, and the over 1.5 million posts only available to full paying Members of COPA.

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How to Upgrade/Update your COPA Membership


Thanks @tcusolle, I’ll try that.

@hanstb I plan to upgrade my membership it will be useful for this exercise and a number of other little question that come up from time to time.

I appreciate everyone’s great advice.

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All sorted, I upgraded my membership and updated Nav, Obstacle, Terrain and Airport Directory.

The only problem now is the basemap needs a tweak to be able to see that on the MFD and the SV on the PFD. The basemap was updated last year by Garmin but is no longer available for download via JDM, for reasons that I have forgotten now Garmin withdrew the basemap.bin file from distribution.

I am more interested in the procedures and vertical navigation aspects for the PC trainer really.

Welcome to COPA Andrew!

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If you launch the program in dual screen mode you can use your keyboard instead of the FMS knob to enter flight plan info on the MFD. much easier than clicking just in the right spot on the FMS knob.

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Hi Hans
Is that link still working? (updating-databases-on-perspective-pc-trainer-v-20-81)
I’m a full COPA member

Yes, you needed to log out and log back in for your membership upgrade to take effect, I’ve done that for you and you should now be able to access all the topics on the member forums.

Please let me know if you experience any difficulties.

Updating Databases on Perspective+ PC Trainer v.20.81