Garmin 430 Restricted Areas Identification

Recently, I was cruising along at 6500 MSL in the SR22 approaching a restricted area. To get more info about the restricted area (altitude limits, specifically), I turned on the cursor of the GNS 430 in map mode and highlighted the restricted area in question and pressed enter and pressed enter again when it asked if I wanted to ‘Review Airspace’. It then presented me with the ‘Surface to 3200’ limits of the ‘A’ section of the Restricted area, but I could not figure out how to get the details of the overlying ‘B’ section to display so I could check the vertical limits for that section. The horizontal limits are the same as the ‘A’ section. Any ideas? If anybody wants to check it out, the restricted area is R-6001 (or R-6002?) about 15 miles east of Columbia, SC.