GAMI trip report 2 - Mind the Gap

One of George’s several soapboxes is OEM engine baffling. He recently issued a particularly scathing review of the Columbia 300 baffling, which Lancair is reportedly acting upon. He finds it very depressing that the OEM’s fail to pay attention to the details in this vital area.

My SR22 #44 was the first Cirrus he’d had a close look at. Overall he was very pleased with the baffling, with one glaring exception. He felt that much of Cirrus good work and attention to detail was being wasted due to a large air gap under the oil cooler (see attached photo). It allows the high pressure in the upper cowl to dissipate without either cooling the cylinders or the oil. He suggests having your A&P kludge up a seal for that gap.


We have #12 Here at NASA Langley Research Center and I saw your photo of the gap by the oil cooler. I don’t have my digital camera with me today to send you a photo of ours, but on Monday I will send you one. We have a seal installed on it. Maybe yours was not installed, fell out, or ???


I’d love to see that; on Thursday my A&P is going to work on it. I’ll have him check with Cirrus first.