G1000 update

How to update data in a new G6?

Which data are you trying to update? Do you have the FS510 on your G6 in the bottom slot on the MFD?

Just downloaded the updates from Jeppensen
(Have owned a 2015 SR 20, got new 20 last month)
Cirrus video says to put spare card in top slot of MFD, I’m assuming I can just follow screen prompts?

Yes you can.

Isn’t that the same way you do the G3 Perspective? I expect the g5 is also the same. I believe that the G4 is different.

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No, G3 and G5 updates are different from G6. With G6 you can just put everything on the top card.

And you are absolutely right, G4 is in its own category, very different. I think you don’t even need to update anything.

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High time cirrus did over the air updates like my Tesla does.

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