Full Motion Flight Training at Key Air Event

Next Thursday evening, October 8th, is the Key Air 1st Anniversary dinner. The details are in the attachment on this email.
During this event please feel free to stroll down the west hall toward the hangars at Key Air and visit our new venture; Full Motion Flight Training in the north-west office suites. FMFsim.com will show you our humble beginnings with an Advanced Aviation Training Device, commonly referred to as a full motion flight simulator, bringing professional, corporate and military level training to the General Aviation market.
We have great expectations and invite you to enjoy a complimentary demonstration experience in the sim. With a tremendous range of course offerings designed to instill a culture of safety awareness, we intend to deliver life-saving training programs to GA pilots from around the world.
Our Accident Awareness Programs take real data from NTSB final reports and allow you to fly recreations of Cirrus flights which did not end well. We can show how to recognize, interpret and react to a variety of information and physical cues to help teach pilots their personal limits. This device can also replicate the forces and motions of the Cirrus Parachute deployment.

We hope to see you on October 8th.

Stan Ross
Full Motion Flight Training llc
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Christopher Dunn

Business Development

Full Motion Flight Training