from a Cirrus turbo to a Jet in less than a week!

Thanks MossY (Jeffrey Robert Moss) from I just spent the last 4
days with MossY in southern California obtaining my jet certificate and
multiengine in the Cessna Mustang.
I am a Cirrus aircraft owner with ambitions to transition into a
jet. The day before I
started flying with MossY, I
received my instrument rating in my Cirrus. I may have been a little skeptical whether we could
pull off the jet rating in 4 days with my limited IFR experience. But with the professional and regimented
program that MossY had outlined, I had my certificates in hand on the 4th
day. He was very through and
precise in his teaching. He was committed to my experience as a new jet
pilot. We worked hard each day. He
worked as long as I wanted to. He was not the guy who said “ we need to be done
by 5 o’clock”. His enthusiasm for
teaching is obvious.

Most important, I had a lot
of fun and would fly with MossY anytime.
Overall I feel like a much more knowledgeable and safer pilot. I can’t wait for the mentoring stage!
Thanks again MossY!

What’s something like that cost?

the cost for about 5 days is about 13-15K. Thats fuel, Mustang rental and instructor. Maybe a bit spendy, but well worth it.

Congratulations on your first post and first type rating!!!

Actually, given how much the Mustang drinks… That is not expensive at all!

You did a PIC type or an SIC type. Less then 15K for a PIC type is cheap, especially considering the training was in the aircraft and not a SIM. I just saw a posting for a PIC Mustang opening at Desert Jet. Jumping from the old Lears to that would be a walk in the park!