Fly-In: HDO, June 16, 10:00a

Note: I’m still looking for a demo ride in a Cirrus, so I’m buying breakfast for anyone who shows up, brings theirs, and takes me up for a spin, er, a short flight. :wink:

It’s that time of year again in Texas: clear skies, long runways, and good breakfasts. So we’re putting together an informal fly-in to Hondo (HDO) on Sunday, June 16, 10:00a.

The last time I sent a message about meeting for food, we wound up having 12 or 13 planes make it out to Llano for BBQ at Cooper’s, but no Cirri. This time it’s the breakfast buffet at the Flightline Cafe at Hondo. If you haven’t been there (and I hadn’t until a couple of days ago- recon work, you know) it’s a treat.

I hope to see a few Cirrus pilots as well as a bunch of those of us who aren’t as lucky. I’ll be arriving in a slightly less stylish rented 172. Some friends of mine will be flying out in a Cherokee 180 and a Saratoga.

See you there!

Charlie Wood