FLIR me to the moon..

A new, Affordable (<$20K) Forward Looking Infared imaging here
Any comments on what impact a certified version of this technology would have on safety and utility, and whether Cirrus would adopt it?

FLIR’s would be great for situational awareness during VFR night approach, but I don’t see them being very safe while actually attempting a landing as you have limited and potentially distored depth preception.

FLIR’s also have trouble seeing through condensed water vapor (Clouds, Fog, Rain, etc) so they would seem to be of little benefit in IFR conditions.

If you wanted to attempt a night landing at an unlighted airstrip in the middle of no where (no city/ambient light) without a moon (without your landing/taxi lights even), then it might seem like a great choice.

Of course one wonders who might want to be attempting such landings. :wink: